Usually Vegan?

Isn’t that an oxymoron? Fair question. But I don’t think so.

Usually vegan is what I am. In the beginning, I tried really hard for “always,” but if I ever wanted to eat out again, remain sane and/or avoid becoming someone who is wholly unpleasant to be around, I needed to cool my jets.

Though I’ll probably always feel pangs of guilt over the occasional indulgence in an irresistible pastry of some sort, these days I  generally don’t sweat cutting corners here and there. My general rule is to make the absolute best effort I can at a vegan lifestyle.

To be honest, I think the term “usually” applies to most vegans. The reluctance to admit this only helps to make veganism seem just as extreme and unrealistic as so many people think it is. The mere idea that veganism doesn’t have to be all or nothing makes it much more approachable and less intimidating. From where I sit, if at the end of the day the goal is to reduce suffering and cruelty, then every effort -small, big or in between- is meaningful.

(If you’re looking for a bit more personal info about me, check out my first post.)

Editor’s note:

If you find yourself in absolute opposition to the basic principles of veganism or you’re one of the many self-appointed members of the vegan supreme court and are looking to pass around a little hater-ade, please direct your fervor to a site where I think you’ll feel more at home.