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Vegan Movie Snacks

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Vegan Movie SnacksI like popcorn just as much as the next guy, but some theaters do still use a dairy based “butter” in their topping. In addition to that conundrum, I certainly don’t need the kind of fat and calorie bomb this stuff drops on your diet – so, I typically skip the archetypal movie treat in favor of candy and other related goodies.

As you can see, I am totally that moviegoer who brings their own stash of sweets hidden in their purse. This is partly due to the lack of vegan options in the candy case (though there are a few), but mostly it’s just that I’m cheap!


Anyway, like so many others, my husband and I did partake in some movie magic over the Memorial Day weekend and what you see pictured above is what we brought with us. Sour Berry Bears from Surf Sweets are actually a new discovery of mine and have quickly rocketed to the top of my sweet tooth must-have list. Make no mistake, this is candy and obviously meant as an occasional treat, but that said, you could certainly do worse.

Surf Sweets candies are all made with organic fruit juice and sweeteners, natural colors and flavors and provide 100% of your daily Vitamin C. They are also free of corn syrup and GMOs and are completely vegan. I find these little gems at Whole Foods but their website says they’re also available at Dierberg’s. You can also purchase them at several online retailers.

In the opposite corner, we have freeze-dried strawberries from Just Tomatoes! As the name implies, these are just strawberries! If you recall, freeze-dried strawberries were on Dr. Oz’s list of “5 foods that cut cancer risk” back on the show he did about “Forks Over Knives.” As he noted, freeze-dried strawberries are thought to be even better at cutting cancer risk than regular strawberries because they pack 10-times as many antioxidants.

So if you include these babies in your movie snack stash, you’re not only getting a convenient, yummy treat, you’re also fighting cancer. That’s some serious multitasking!

Obviously, there are a lot of additional options for vegan movie snacks (mixed nuts are another of our faves!), but these two are particularly good choices. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s yummy enough that you won’t feel cheated out of the “treat” mentality of the movies. I never do!